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»Your issues are my issues - I monitor them, use them for your positioning, and am prepared for questions.«

w communications is your partner for corporate communication: from analysis and positioning through issue and stakeholder management right up to consultation and support in critical environments. We are happy to assist you.

Our work relies on a thorough understanding of your issues. w communications can develop these issues strategically and use them for your positioning. In doing so we keep your target audiences and stakeholders firmly in our sights.

w communications keeps a fresh view from the outside and yet works very closely with you on your issues. Expert personal consultation is a key component of our work.


Corporate Communications

A comprehensive range of services

w communications assists companies, associations and other organisations with the development and communication of their messages and content. Our particular expertise lies in dealing with sensitive issues and representing you in critical environments.



A thorough understanding of your company, your products, your customers, your competition and your economic, corporate and political surroundings forms the basis of our work. w communications combines the right questions, research and studies, expertise of external experts and analytical thinking to achieve a precise appraisal of your situation.

Strategic Positioning


Based on in-depth analysis, we work closely with you to develop the communicative messages and content that can help to position your company successfully. With w communications you can make a clear statement about your issues. Stand out from the crowd thanks to improved quality!

Issue Management


Issue management is at the heart of what we do: We identify the central issues of your company, monitor your development and choose the right events for your positioning - whether it be in regard to communicating with the media, with customers or stakeholders. We are equipped to support you if your company has to address sensitive themes. We take issue management quite literally: We use your issues to turn challenges into opportunities.

Stakeholder Management


Supporters, advocates and multipliers from scientific fields, society, business and politics can all help your messages to have more of an impact. We establish networks to the relevant stakeholders and seek out dialogue - even with critics and representatives of other interests. w communications interlocks issue management and stakeholder management.

Crisis Prevention


Our specialities are dealing with sensitive issues and communication in critical environments. w communications conducts thorough analysis of your areas of operations, identifies any likely communication risks and prepares your company for them.

Crisis Communication


Crisis prevention and crisis communication go hand in hand. Our communication measures incorporate internal processes as well as presentation to the outside world. Our aim is to make sure you are able to communicate at all times. w communications will gladly support you in an emergency, and can do so around the clock – even on-site.


Our Methods

A strategic approach

w communications works with sense and intelligence, and our measures have a sound basis in logic. For us to carry out our work, it will be necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of your company and your issues. Establishing a close cooperation with you and providing personal consultation are among our top priorities. Our measures are based on in-depth analysis and strategy and benefit from many years of experience in communications.

Strategic Thinking


Our work is shaped by questions: What makes your company stand out from the crowd? What is the story behind your company? What are the advantages that win over your customers? Where are the potential risks? Are there any specific accusations on the table? What do the critics have to say? ... w communications bears in mind the aims, the various dialogue groups and the effects of any communication measures, not just during the development of a strategy but also in day-to-day business.

Powerful Words


We can capture your content and messages in a nutshell - whether it be in strategy papers or issue reports, press releases, advertorials or corporate publishing articles, Q&A catalogues or text blocks for critical issues. The language we use is clear and precise. Our texts will support you in your work and provide your target audiences with both informative and stimulating reading material.

Personal Consultation


Communication simply doesn't work without communication. w communications will offer you close support through company developments, market requirements and current activities. We will be ready to assist you using our senior level experience, either on the telephone, in Berlin or on-site. And we very much look forward to it!



Expert personal advice

w communications was founded by Annegret Winzer. She is a dedicated consultant, planner, sparring partner and high-achiever. She brings 20 years of experience in communications, a wide network of PR experts and a joyful dedication to strategic communication to the table.



Annegret Winzer started out on her career as a journalist, then worked as a copywriter in communication consulting. This was followed by jobs in various communications agencies in Bonn, Frankfurt and Berlin. Her clients included national and international companies, associations and organisations as well as ministries. She works for clients in the FMCG and trade sectors, agrochemicals, the food and beverage industry as well as the pharmaceutical and health industries. She is a member of the Crisis Communication working group of the DPRG (German Public Relations Association).
Annegret Winzer has a Master of Arts degree in History, German Literature and Law.



w communications works together with experts from a variety of PR disciplines. This network encompasses graphic design, photography and video, production and printing, online communication and digital marketing as well as coaching and training. Project management is dealt with by w communications and our customers receive their designated measures from a single source.
Partners in Hamburg, in the Rhineland and in Frankfurt allow w communications to work with a high degree of local knowledge for our customers in these locations. At the same time they can provide support with implementing large-scale communications projects by virtue of their extensive expertise and experience.



Close contacts with agencies in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK and the USA mean that w communications can assist you with assessments and measures for these markets too. We are connected to our partners partly by an exchange of expertise, and partly because we are already able to look back on a number of successful international communications projects.

»I have a view from the outside, I pose questions and want to know all the details - we develop your messages together.«